First Wedded Couple from ElegaMingle

Frank and Sandra  met each other at ElegaMingle. After 4 weeks of chatting with each other at ElegaMingle, they decided to exchange phone number when Sandra accepted want to meet request from Frank.  Two weeks after phone conversation, Frank and Sandra met in person at Mcdonalds.


Frank and Sandra felt like they knew each other for years. the chemistry between Frank and Sandra was so strong from their first date.  The love between Frank and Sandra was growing stronger day by day to the point that they can not stay without seeing each other in a day. Frank lived one hour away from Sandra but the long distance did not stop each other from meeting  everyday.


Two weeks after Frank asked Sandra to move in with him, which Sandra gladly accepted.  3 months after, Frank proposed to Sandra for marriage. 3 months after Frank and Sandra got married. Since then Frank and Sandra are Living happily married.


This story is brought to you by Frank and Sandra