Safety Dating

Safety dating tips:

Meet in a public place

Follow the below safety dating tips to stay safe and avoid problem:

The safer way to meet in person with your online date.  we the ElegaMingle recommend to meet your online date in a public place because meeting in a private place does not guarantee your safety.  for the fact that you don’t know much about the person you met online, you might in danger your life meeting in private places like your date home, office, friends place, hotel and other private places could put you in danger.

So many people has been killed by the people they met online in a private place,  some where killed in a hotel, some where killed in office, home and more, this is the main reason we recommend our users to meet their date in a public place like Buerger king, Mc Donalds, and any other public place that have camera. continue meeting in public places until you know the person well enough to trust him/her

Tell friends and family

Tell your friends or family where you’re going and when you’ll be home

Video chat first

Do video chat before the initial meeting. Doing so will give you an opportunity to make sure this person is who they say they are.

Do your research

If you are interested in meeting up with a particular person, do a little bit of research into them first. Putting their name into search engines and other social media sites should help give you a little more information about the person. If you uncover anything shady, it isn’t too late to cancel the meeting immediately!

Trust your instincts

If somebody seems too good to be true either online or when you have met in real life, don’t be afraid to stop contact with that person. There are a lot of online dating scams out there. If somebody you are talking to makes you feel uncomfortable at any point, block the person and move on to the next person! safety dating

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